Heroku is a great platform unless your web app becomes big or if you don’t want to get into the hassle of environment and workers setup. (Altho it’s quite not a big deal)

So, some of you may surely be thinking about any “free” alternative to Heroku!

Here, I will…

Manjaro on VMWare

By default, Manjaro Linux with KDE cannot run on full screen in VMWare. Whichever fix you try, like installing vmware-tools will not change it.

So yesterday I found a fix on Manjaro Forum which will make it go full screen!

Let’s get started…


  1. Open Konsole

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Nowadays, Being secure online is a important and a messy part of our life! We try so much to keep ourselves secure with vpn, proxies, etc.

In this tutorial we will learn how to install a OpenVPN Server on your small VPS (yes a small vps with 512gb ram is…

Post4VPS Main Page

Sadly the forum is going to shut down as they found a vulnerable exploit bug in their forum software.

More Details: https://post4vps.com/Thread-End-of-Post4VPS-July-2021?pid=42511#pid42511

It’s been a while I posted any tutorial or anything else. Sorry for that!

Okay so lets begin!

What is Post2Host?

In simple words Post2Host is typically a forum (community) where you contribute for good and in exchange you get a service like hosting or a free VPS.

Ofcourse on…

xrdp with xfce interface on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic)

This tutorial will guide to install xrdp with either XFCE or MATE interface with customizations to increase productivity. Installation of xrdp on ubunut 18.04 with customization.

What is xRdp?

It’s a free and open source app which provides a graphical login to your server to control it as if you are controlling your…

This tutorial is going to guide the viewer to install a seedbox on ubuntu 16.04. The scripts which will be installed in this tutorial is rtorrent+rutorrent.

The script which we are going to use here is rtinst!

I have seen many user hassling over this sript as it changes ssh…

Amresh Prasad Sinha

Learning DL | Knows some WebD, AppD and ML | Sophomore IITG

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